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As we mature, we are ourselves only more so. Welcome to the World of Papa J.

On a cold night way back in 2015, an iconic contemporary­ jazz trumpet player named Joey Sommerville started to peel back yet another layer of his Being and Artistry. Never one to abandon his musical vision and integrity, Joey was hearing another kind of music in his head.

This was New Music. It was informed in part by his years of performing with blues legends and jam band superstars. It was a homecoming, as the years spent with B.B. King protégé Big Joe Burrell and working with the mega­band Phish mingled with the contemporary jazz years, while always including the early influences of Rock, R&B, Gospel, and Classic Blues. It was time to say something Bigger, something New, something Authentic to the moment. Out of this creative primordial soup, Papa J was born.

Musically ready to tell it like it is, he’s speaking his mind. Ready to entertain, stir you to action, make you dance, cry, laugh, or just nod your head, he’s here. REALLY here.

Just telling it like it is, Papa J style.


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OverNight Sensation (2014)

Behind every musical overnight sensation are years of toiling away in rehearsal halls, recording studios and sweaty nightclubs meticulously honing one's craft. In trumpeter Joey Sommerville's case, it's more than two decades of writing, recording, and touring to cultivate his following and establish his presence on the national scene. More than 20 years in the making, the soul-jazz trumpeter's fifth album, "Overnight Sensation," features Earl Klugh, Jeff Lorber, Jeff Bradshaw, Elan Trotman, and Eric Essix. 


The Get Down Club (2011)

"The Get Down Club" is contemporary jazz trumpet delivered in the tradition of Louis Armstrong and Dizzy Gillespie with a new millenium twist. 

"Music is a collaborative art form and I want to take my Vision of it to the next level. "The Get Down Club" is the ultimate expression of my artistic vision. I often refer to musicians and singer as having a "Get Down Card," meaning that they have the ability to touch people on a very visceral level with their gift. The concept is a platform that gives me the opportunity to work with some of my legendary "super heroes" as well as some of the freshest young musical minds that I know of. It's about drawing on a wide range of musical styles for inspiration and working with forward thinking artists to come up with a fresh vision of what role the trumpet can play in contemporary musical landscape."

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Like You Mean It (2007)

An iconic tour de force featuring special guests Wayman Tisdale, Mike Phillips, Marion Meadows, Phil Perry, Bob Baldwin, Phil Davis, Eric Essix, Rhonda Smith, and a whole lot more!! 


Ride To This (2002)

The Original... accept no substitutes "Head Noddin' Music for Grown Folks."